Safe Destruction

Safe Destruction Services

The destruction of confidential materials is indispensable for companies big and small. Confidential materials can range from expired foods, faulty or contaminated goods, counterfeit goods, to sensitive documents. Improper disposal or mishandling, could have far reaching consequences. To eliminate such risks, ABC Sanitation guarantees safe destruction with the highest level of security using environmentally friendly procedures.



.On and off-site destruction

.Certificate of Safe Destruction


Collection of confidential or sensitive products is done using our fleet of vehicles with the option of security personnel on-board depending on the type of product.


We understand our Clients need sensitive and confidential waste to be completely and securely destroyed to ensure it never reaches the market place. To this end, we offer our Clients the option to have their confidential materials tracked from the point of collection to the point of destruction.

On and Off-Site Destruction

Our destruction service gives you the peace of mind that your products will not reach the market place and your brand will be protected. Our destruction facility is monitored by 24 hours CCTV cameras and is equipped with a shredder and an incinerator to completely destroy your waste.

Certificate of Safe Destruction

At ABC Sanitation, we know how important it is for our Clients to have full confidence that their product has been destroyed. We will provide photographic evidence of the destruction process along with a certificate of safe destruction on completion.