Our treatment facility located at Oshodi Lagos State is equipped with an I8-1000 Incinerator. This model is a controlled air incinerator, providing optimal combustion conditions for different waste types. It is a proven and unique design suitable for many purposes including healthcare waste, industrial waste, animal waste and general waste applications. It has as a feature, fully automatic control of burners with temperature monitoring display.

Standard Flue Gas Treatment

Our secondary chamber technology prevents dioxins from cracking into smaller but more reactive molecules, this is known as de novo formation. This can be especially apparent in the presence of heavy metals, which can act as a catalyst. The prevention method can be explained as follows: a self-ignition process forces the micro particulates to pass through a flame curtain, this burns all harmful emissions, gas remnants are then retained in the secondary chamber, through thermal decomposition, and cyclonic air distribution to ensure a clean odorless emission in the form of vapor.

Model I8-1000 Advantages

Ease of use

  • Fully automatic control of burners with temperature monitoring display.
  • 90% factory pre-installed for easy and simple on-site installation

Quality Built to Last

  • Heat resistant 5mm steel.
  • Stainless steel stack.
  • 12cm of refractory lining – steel reinforced

Fuel Efficiency

  • Thick monolith refractory lining rated to 1600°C in main chamber retains heat, increasing efficiency.
  • Thermostatic control of burners.