Healthcare Waste Management

Healthcare Waste Management Services

At ABC Sanitation, we offer a robust healthcare waste management system for all your generated healthcare waste streams including sharps, pharmaceutical and hazardous waste. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to design customized solutions to maximize efficiency and minimize patient disruptions.

.Supply of Healthcare Waste Containers


.Collection & Transportation



.Safe Treatment & Disposal

Supply of Healthcare Waste Containers

We offer a variety of colour coded containers depending on your hospital needs.

Waste TypeClassificationColour Coding


Highly infectious and pathologicalHazardous











Healthcare Infectious Waste

Sharps/Safety Box

Waste bags

Single-use Box

Pathological Container

Wheelie Bins

Healthcare General Waste

Wheelie bins


Training Programmes

Our team of experts which comprises of qualified professionals in medical practice, infectious control, health and safety will provide hands-on-training to hospital staff. The following programmes are offered:

Healthcare Waste Management Course

  • Introduction to Healthcare Waste Management and Legislation
  • Potential consequences, risks and health hazards
  • Persons at risk
  • How to minimize healthcare waste
  • Correct use of PPEs when handling healthcare waste
  • Containerization, handling, colour coding, labeling and disposal training

Capacity Building Course (Training the Trainers)

  • Temporary healthcare waste storage area and transportation training
  • Supervision and monitoring in healthcare waste management
  • Strategy and Implementation of Healthcare waste management
  • Procedure for cleaning/disinfecting hazardous healthcare waste spill

Collection & Transportation

We offer services conforming to UN standards for the safe
transportation of healthcare waste.

Our Fleet

.Refrigerated trucks

.Rear end loader (REL)

.Skip loader


  • Trained Drivers: all our drivers and their assistants are fully trained in the safety procedure for handling of healthcare waste.
  • Spill Kit: our trucks are furnished with a kit to clean-up spill when necessary.
  • Mobile Scale: Pay what you generate. Our mobile scales give you the benefit of paying for the exact quantity of waste generated from your facility.
  • Our Fleet: All our trucks are digitally connected and managed via vehicle telematics.


It is the legal responsibility of every healthcare facility to ensure the hazardous waste it generates is properly treated and disposed even after it has been removed from its facility. To this end, ABC Sanitation has teamed up with a technical partner to track your waste from its source of generation to its treatment and safe disposal to ensure transparency and compliance.

Storage Facilities

We have available at our treatment facility cold storage rooms where your healthcare waste generated can be safely stored prior to treatment.

Safe Treatment & Disposal

Our treatment facility is equipped with an autoclave and an incinerator system for the safe treatment and disposal of all hazardous healthcare waste


On-site is a T1000 autoclave system which will be used to sterilize and shred all infectious hazardous healthcare waste. The shredded sterilized waste will then be properly disposed at a sanitary landfill site.


All pathological healthcare waste will be safely incinerated. Incineration has the benefit of reducing the volume of the waste by 90%. Our incinerator includes a secondary chamber which comes with an added advantage of preventing dioxins from cracking into smaller more reactive molecules. The resulting ash will then be safely disposed of in a sanitary landfill site.

Our planet gains inhabitants numbering to 77 million people a year.

It is estimated that each year we generate 3% more waste than the previous year.

When you throw plastic bags and other plastic materials in the ocean, it kills as many as 1 million sea creatures annually.

Glass bottles are the worst thing to throw in a landfill as it is estimated they will take 1 million years to decompose.

It’s not just what goes in the bin that counts as waste – water can be wasted, too. A single leaky tap in your house can waste as much as 5,000 litres of water a year.