Our treatment facility located at Oshodi Lagos State is equipped with a T1000 Ecodas Autoclave System. It utilizes an eco-friendly technology that shreds and sterilizes the healthcare waste by destroying all viruses and bacteria from the waste, rendering it sterile for landfilling.

Ecodas Advantages

Easy to Use

  • Equipped with interlock systems
  • Exceptional safety record
  • Closed and compact system
  • No intermediate handling of the waste
  • Non-contact with infectious waste

Safety First

  • Loading to landfill disposal.
  • No needs for complimentary equipments such conveyors, grinder and compactors
  • Fully automated batch process
  • Low maintenance system
  • Different design capacities for on-site and off-site treatment use
  • Automated records keeping for all treatment process


  • Low Operating + Maintenance cost
  • Low Investment and Operation cost
  • Require no added supplies
  • Treat all type of Medical waste including Path and Sharps
  • Used for Document shredding
  • No waste Segregation needed
  • Ideal choice for on-site treatment
  • Non external transport needed
  • Eliminates the waste producer’s liability
  • Stand-alone or integrated operation
  • Increase uptime for more efficient run
  • Max reliability in fast, multi-shift use
  • Increase uptime for more efficient run